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Session Descriptions

Monday, June 6 | 8:00 – Noon

SVP 1 - Accounting & Auditing Update

Current and Upcoming FASB Issues 

This course is designed to provide an overview of recent accounting matters including FASB accounting standards updates broad and narrow issues, current FASB activities, and private company financial reporting. It covers relevant pronouncements, exposure drafts, and other guidance recently issued in the accounting arenas. This course will help practitioners at all levels to remain up to date on recent accounting pronouncements and other important accounting matters. 

Current Audit Environment and ASB Activity 

This course is designed to keep you on top of the latest auditing developments. It covers a full array of topics including current environment and implications for audit planning, pronouncements, and other standard setting activities affecting audit and attestation engagements. This course will bring practitioners at all levels up-to-date on the standard setters' activities and provide examples and illustrations to help apply the guidance in practice.  

SVP 2 - IRS Disputes - Tax Staff Essentials

Want to help your client save money and avoid potential trouble with the IRS? This CPE course explains what may trigger an IRS audit, how to negotiate, settle on appeal, qualify for an IRS collection program and evaluate your client's best options for dealing with the IRS. You will also learn about IRS audit techniques, how to handle requests and appeal rights so you can represent your clients with confidence. 

Monday, June 6 | 12:30 - 4:00

SVP 3 - Preparation, Compilation, and Review Engagements: Update and Review

If you supervise preparation, compilation, and review engagements, this course will help you comply with the professional standards by informing you of the latest developments and issues relevant to these engagements. Learn about the U.S. business economy, peer review, FASB updates, and other areas affecting preparation, compilation, and review engagements. 

    SVP 4 - Social Security and Medicare: Maximizing Retirement Benefits

    Our Social Security system provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to millions of Americans. The long-term future of Social Security and Medicare is uncertain, triggering concerns for many workers who are now paying into the system. Attend this course to learn about FICA, the Medicare tax, and more. You will cover real-world situations and use the tools provided to advise your clients to make optimal decisions when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. 

      Tuesday, June 7 | 8:00 - Noon

      SVP 5 - Interpreting the New Revenue Recognition Standard What All CPAs Need to Know

      The effective date of FASB ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, is upon us! Do you know which contracts are within the scope of the standard and when revenue should be recognized at a point in time of over time? This course answers those questions by providing a basic understanding of the five-step process for recognizing revenue under FASB ASC 606. Supported by practical examples, this course addresses core principles that all CPAs need to know. Recent updates to this course include the latest guidance from FASB, industry specific examples taken from the AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Revenue Recognition, as well as disclosure illustrations.

      SVP 6 - Reviewing S Corporation Tax Returns: What are you Missing?

      The complexity of S corporation tax law creates a formidable challenge to the tax practitioner for accurate compliance and reporting of their client's S corporation activities.  

      Join us as we discuss the common errors practitioners make on S corporation tax returns that are often missed by review staff. The intent is to sharpen skills for reviewers by examining case studies and discussing issues where additional information from the client may be warranted and areas of tax law where proper treatment requires additional analysis and information. Multiple issues will be discussed including income, deductions, K-1 reporting, and more! This course follows a highly illustrative case study format to increase participant comprehension and retention.  

      Tuesday, June 7 | 12:30 - 4:00

      SVP 7 - The Bottom Line on the New Lease Accounting Requirements

      Which leases are within the scope of FASB ASC 842, Leases, and what are the basic accounting, financial reporting and disclosure requirements? This course addresses those questions by focusing on the basic core principles of this new major standard. Discussion includes basic identification, recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements. Case study exercises are included to illustrate application of the standard.  

      This course discusses the lessee accounting model, including lease classification, amortization of the right-of-use asset, and interest on the lease liability. This course also discusses the lessor accounting model, including profit recognition and collectability. 

        SVP 8 - Tax Planning for Small Businesses - Tax Staff Essentials

        This course identifies tax planning strategies for small business clients throughout the different life cycles of the business. We will use a case-study approach to explore opportunities for businesses and how the tax practitioner can continue to add value for their clients. Discussions will include traditional and new planning opportunities as a result of the latest tax legislation and IRS guidance.  

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