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Monday, May 21  |  8:00 -  9:30

A. One Revelation Leads to a Revolution - Richard Montañez

Richard grew up working on the farms with his family in California and struggled to learn English in school during the days of segregation. As a young man, while working as a janitor at Frito Lay, Richard grabbed his chance to pitch his idea for what later became Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Today, Richard leads Multicultural Sales & Community Promotions across PepsiCo's North American divisions and is known as the "Godfather of Hispanic Branding." Richard's inspiring story is now being turned into a movie.

Monday, May 21  |  9:50 - 11:30

B1. Excel’s Best New Features
Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., CPA.CITP, CGMA
Excel is a staple of the business professional’s toolbox, yet, all too often, new features remain undiscovered and underutilized, leading to inefficiencies and errors. In this session, learn about key new features added to Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 and how to put these features to work. Among the new tools you will learn about are Flash Fill, Forecast Sheets, and how working with new functions such as IFS, SWITCH, TEXTJOIN, MAXIFS, and MINIFS can help you to get better results in less time. Also learn about the three new automated analysis tools added to Excel and how you can use Excel as a business intelligence tool. Join us in this session to learn about the best new features recently added to Excel and how to put them to work for you and your team to increase productivity and accuracy.

B2. Tax Reform: What Your Business Needs to Know
Brady Martz & Associates
Learn the latest on key areas of tax reform that affect businesses and their owners.  Brady Martz & Associates will highlight the changes and explain possible impacts to your business.

B3. Staff Retention: Attract and Keep the Best People
Jay Giannantonio, MS, CPA, CIA
Does it seem like you spend far too much time recruiting? Do your people leave just as they become productive? If you think your turnover is because Millennials are different from earlier generations, you probably are not looking at the real source of your problem. Learn the changes you should make now!

B4. Current Issues in Business Ethics
Warren Bostrom, CPA, MBT
In this session, discuss the difference between the law and ethics, understand the attitudes of others as it relates to ethics, and learn from current real-world ethical violations. Explore an ethical decision making framework to use when facing ethical dilemmas.

B5. Mental Conditioning Methods and Strategies for Executive Excellence
Lowell Wightman, PhD
This course provides practical strategies and methods for mental toughness, resilience, and time management suited for the accounting and finance professional.  Find out the impact of positive mindset on individual and team productivity and improve your business culture without diminishing human performance.

Monday, May 21  |  12:20 - 2:00

C1. Big Data: Transforming and Analyzing Your Data
Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., CPA.CITP, CGMA
Businesses are holding on to more data than ever, but if you are not turning this data into actionable information, then what good is it? In this session, learn how to use tools such as Power BI and QlikSense Desktop to quickly and effectively analyze the data you have been collecting. More specifically, learn the nuts-and-bolts of connecting external data sources to your business intelligence dashboards and how to create reporting objects on those dashboards that help you and your team to truly interpret the meaning of the summarized data. If you are seeking to learn how to create business intelligence dashboards that transform data into a truly valuable asset, then this session is for you!

C2. The Case for Women's Leadership and Empowerment Programs
Inclusive organizations and leadership teams are a topic that has dominated the news cycle and become a constant source of conversation. The statistics are clear, inclusive organizations outperform other organizations and the impact of women leaders is essential to business success. Many organizations have begun to invest in women’s leadership or women’s empowerment programs. These courses seek to unlock participant’s potential, close the gender representation gap, empower their employees, improve the advancement of women in the workplace … the list goes on. But what makes for a successful, sustainable program? And why should businesses care about implementing these type of initiatives? Join Jenni Huotari, chair of Eide Bailly’s Women’s Initiative, First Focus, as she talks about the business case for women’s leadership programs and how you can apply these teachings in all sizes of business.

C3. Lean Accounting: Doing More With Less
Jay Giannantonio, MS, CPA, CIA
Many accounting departments generate volumes of information that are of little use to anyone. Lean Accounting begins with examining user needs and focusing effort on the financial management activities that provide real value to the organization. Come hear how to improve accounting processes while reducing effort required.

C4. Ethical Leadership
Warren Bostrom, CPA, MBT
In this session, learn examples of effective vs. ineffective ethical leadership. Examine real-world case studies exploring the consequences of unethical leadership as well as the benefits of being an ethical leader.

C5.  Social Media Influence on Decision Making and Time Management
Lowell Wightman, PhD
Outline strategies, methods and tools that show how to use social media and technology in the management of your time and decision making.  Define and practice empathic listening skills and be able to recall behaviors that hinder effective communication, decision making and time management.

Monday, May 21  |  2:05 - 3:20

D1. Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Valuable Data
Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., CPA.CITP, CGMA
Anti-virus, encryption, and spam filtering are fundamental protection techniques that all organizations should have deployed. However, with risks multiplying daily, are you using all the right security technologies to protect your confidential and sensitive data?  Have you deployed password management tools? Are you taking advantage of Data Loss Prevention technologies? Should you consider even more protection tools? In this session, learn about today’s risks and the best techniques and tools to protect your information technology and the sensitive data in your organization.

D2. Revenue Recognition Rules
Andrea Mouw, JD
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update No. 2014-09 – Revenue from Contracts with Customers in May of 2014, and the effective date is for periods beginning after December 15, 2018. These rules will impact when and how businesses recognize revenue for financial accounting and tax purposes. That said, it's important to begin analyzing these new rules now, because there are significant tax implications that will need to be considered in addition to the financial accounting implications. Join us for this session to learn more about these rules and how the rules could impact your company.

D3. Driving Performance with Metrics
Jay Giannantonio, MS, CPA, CIA, Executive Education, Inc.
Do you struggle to keep budgets current in the face of an everchanging business climate? Do you recognize that last year’s actual spending can be far from what a department’s spending should be? Twentyfirst century performance metrics reduce work, reduce politics, provide flexibility and substantially improve the performance management process. This valuable session shows you how to drive organizational performance using these powerful techniques.

D4. Winning at Leadership
Warren Bostrom, CPA, MBT
John Gagliardi was a head football coach for 70 years, the last 60 of which were at St. John’s University in Minnesota. John retired with 4 national championships and the most wins in college football history. His success came as a direct result of a very unorthodox style which focused on empowerment, innovation, and doing the right thing, as compared to brute force in intimidation. Presenter Boz Bostrom wrote the book A Legacy Unrivaled about John’s incredible story.  In this session, discuss how we can apply John’s unique principles to be successful in the business world.

 D5. Master Coach and Mentor – Valuing Your Emotional Intelligence
Lowell Wightman, PhD
Have you ever been asked to be a coach or a mentor? In this session, learn the differences and similarities of coaches and mentors and why emotional intelligence is the adhesive that draws the roles together.  Lowell also addresses strategies and methods for managing the iY generation.

Monday, May 21  |  3:40 – 4:30

E. Never Give Up – The Survivor Way
Holly Hoffman
As we survive life's challenges, we come face to face with fear and uncertainty.  Challenges may allow us to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves above and beyond our own self-limitations.  It is how we choose to overcome challenges that make us who we are. It is our strength in times of difficulty that prove our character and self worth.  As I share my experience of being on a reality show, I encourage you to think about how you decide to survive on a daily basis.  I will encourage you to think about six words to develop your survival skills. With my six simple words, you can take on any challenge you are faced with. Adversity is not so much contending with problems as it is learning more about who you really are and what is inside of you.  Join me and explore what your true survival skills are.

Tuesday, May 22  |  8:00 - 9:15

F1. Economic Forecast: What's on the Radar
Dr. Christopher Kuehl
Dr. Chris Kuehl is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance for a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. He is the chief economist for several national and international organizations – Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, National Association of Credit Management, Finance, Credit and International Business and the Business Information Industry Association. 

Tuesday, May 22  |  9:35 - 11:15

G1. Excel Tables – Database Functionality Comes to Spreadsheets
Lawrence “Mac” McClelland, MBA, JD
Excel Tables are the most significant innovation in Excel in the past decade. Tables are data containers that provide database functionality like that found in Microsoft Access. They are used to overcome the difficulties of working with large data sets in Excel. Think of them as two-dimensional Excel databases with special functionality. In this session, learn about the advantages of working with Tables, practical applications of using Tables in your Excel workbooks, and some of the ways Tables can streamline Excel-based processes, while simultaneously improving accuracy.

G2. 360-Degree Leadership: Leading in All Directions
Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC
There is a growing need for leaders in all industries to improve their leadership capacity and skills. Most leadership development is focused on leadership in a single direction: downstream on the organizational chart. However, the best leaders are effective in leading in all directions, starting with self-leadership. This session offers a 360-degree approach to building the leadership capabilities needed to lead in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

G3. Measuring and Managing Customer Profitability
Gary Cokins, CPIM
The only value a company will ever create for its shareholders and owners is the value that comes from its customers. Customers increasingly view suppliers’ products and standard service-lines as commodities. To remain competitive, companies must determine how to retain customers longer, grow them into bigger customers, make them more profitable, serve them more efficiently, and target more profitable customers. They must provide differentiated services to different types of customers. These have varying costs. Unfortunately most management accounting systems do not report customer profitability. They are restricted to only product and service line profitability reporting. Gain insights into how to shift from being product-centric to being customer-centric. Cost accounting leveraging business analytics is essential to achieve this result.

 G4. Retiring on Your Terms
Dennis A. Draeger, CFP
CPAs and other financial professionals spend hours upon hours working on their company’s financial plans.  But when was the last time you took a look at your personal financial plan?  Spend a little time during this session to help make your retirement goals a reality.  Prioritize your retirement savings and spending plans to address what is most important to you.  Identify risks that could throw your retirement plans off track and create a meaningful legacy.

 G5. Assertive not Aggressive
Ann Kerian
When people converse in clear, honest, and direct ways and respect the feelings and thoughts of others, the communication becomes the foundation for strong, healthy relationships that can withstand conflict and problems. Assertive communication is a skill that can be learned, but for many people, it takes practice. There are specific communication techniques that enhance managing the challenges of working with and living with others.

Tuesday, May 22  |  12:05 - 1:20 

H1. Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies
Lawrence “Mac” McClelland, MBA, JD
The next big wave of disruptive technology is already pulling into the station. Each emerging technology – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning – why it's important and how it works is explained in this session. To learn more about these disruptive technologies – their capabilities, their risks, their potential impacts on business operations and processes, and their potential effects on the accounting profession – make plans to participate in this fast-paced and informative session.

H2. CFO, Controller, or Both: How to Wear Multiple Hats and Deliver Exceptional Value
Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC
Many small organizations do not have the resources to employ both a Chief Financial Officer and Controller, requiring one person to wear both hats. Beyond that, business leaders often use these titles interchangeably or don’t understand the different focus and skillset they require. This session explores the unique challenges of each role and how the person who fills both can successfully navigate those challenges and provide exceptional value to their company.

H3. Integrating Strategy with Driver-based Budgeting and Rolling Financial Forecast
Gary Cokins, CPIM
The annual budgeting process is often criticized as a fiscal exercise done by the accounting team that is obsolete soon after it is published, prone to gamesmanship, cumbersome, not being volume sensitive, and disconnected from the strategy and needed risk mitigation spending. Poor strategy execution frustrates many executives as their organizations struggle with performance improvement, making decisions using intuition in the absence of hard data. Corporate performance management (CPM) seamlessly integrates many methods including strategy maps and a balanced scorecard. Together they align manager and employee behavior, actions, and priorities using key performance indicators (KPIs) with specific targets to enable accountability. Organizations can resolve the deficiencies with budgets using capacity-sensitive driver-based expense projections. Driver-based budgeting allows for quick scenario planning and quick analysis of a growing organization whose future may look nothing like today. The budget can be periodically refreshed to be rolling financial forecasts extending beyond the fiscal year end. Learn how managerial accounting can become managerial economics.

The Shift to Predictive Accounting (by Gary Cokins)  - Part 1, Part 2

H4. What’s Hot in Sales Tax
Mike Herold, J.D. and David Casper, CPA
2018 will be a year of considerable change in sales tax laws around the county.  From a possible U.S. Supreme Court decision due in June 2018 that may impact every business and individual in the United States; to other changes such are requiring a remote seller to turn over lists of customers to state authorities – this will be a big year.  All businesses need to be on top of these rapid developments because not knowing these laws can result in staggering penalties.  There is a lot to keep in mind as you navigate the constantly changing sales tax landscape and this session gives you an update on these national developments. It is important to understand how taxes are currently impacting your business so you may mitigate your exposure and potential liabilities. Join us for an update discussing current sales tax trends, including new rules and regulations, and steps you can take to ensure your business remains in compliance with sales tax rules.

H5. Managing Change
Ann Kerian
While change is inevitable, it is also one of the greatest causes of stress in our lives. Change in the workplace is no different. Downsizing, relocation, mergers, reorganization or restructuring, and technology are all causes of change at work that can create challenges.  Learn how to conquer personal and professional change and enjoy it, instead.

Tuesday, May 22  |  1:25 - 2:40 

I1. Data Analysis with Power Pivot
Lawrence “Mac” McClelland, MBA, JD
PowerPivot provides unparalleled options for analyzing data and preparing summary reports in Excel. With PowerPivot, available in Microsoft Office Professional Plus or the standalone version of Excel, your PivotTable reports become even more powerful. PowerPivot can connect directly to many common external data sources or can be used in conjunction with Power Query for superior data import and transformation capability. DAX functions allow users to create sophisticated calculations, both columns and measures, and the relational functionality of PowerPivot provides all the tools necessary for creating an intermediary database from multiple data sources. Put PowerPivot to use immediately by participating in this very practical session, which is sure to help you improve your analytical and reporting processes.

I2. Multiply Your Value with Strategic Thinking Skills
Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC
You must develop strategic thinking skills to effectively navigate change and deliver exceptional value to your organization, clients, and constituents. Learn the essence of strategic thinking, how it differs from strategic planning and how to integrate it with traditional planning activities. Explore different approaches and methods to proactively build strategic thinking into your daily routine as a leader.

I3. Business Analytics and the Digital Revolution
Gary Cokins, CPIM
Volatility and complexity are the new normal. Most organizations are drowning in data, but starving for information. The finance and accounting function has the opportunity to leverage Big Data and the continuum of analytics – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. All are useful for better decision making. Collecting, validating, and reporting data is not the same thing as analyzing information where organizations can glean valuable, actionable insights. In some ways the finance function is many years behind other disciplines such as marketing, sales, and supply chain managers, in applying analytics. It needs to catch up. To complicate matters there is an accelerating and disruptive digital technology transformation in progress. It is referred to as the “digital revolution” using artificial intelligence (AI). It can potentially adversely impact an organization’s competitiveness and will be replacing employee jobs with computers. The accounting profession needs to prepare itself for substantial change and a threat to jobs in accounting. Vulnerable jobs are transactional ones (e.g., payroll, payables, receivables, auditing, filings). Digital transformation presents great potential but also raises concerns. It can provide invaluable business enhancements but also be a threat to one’s job security.

 I4. Small Business Retirement Plans
Dennis A. Draeger, CFP
If you are an accounting professional working in a small business, chances are you have been or will be involved in picking an appropriate small business retirement plan.  What is the right retirement plan for you or your company? Spend time during this session learning, the benefits of sponsoring a retirement plan, the features and benefits of SEP, SIMPLE, 401(K) and Individual(k) plans and how to help business owners make informed decisions about their retirement plan options.

I5. Building Teamwork
Ann Kerian
Whoever said sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me didn’t live in today’s business world. Effective communication is key to building teamwork even during tough times. Participants will walk away from this session knowing what to say and when to say it.

Tuesday, May 22  |  3:00 - 4:15

J. Dream Makers - Jim "The Rookie" Morris

Jim Morris’ journey is a testimony to the power of dreams and their ability to inspire and transform human life. Eleven years after retiring from baseball, he unexpectedly learned a life-changing lesson from his high school team. While giving a pep talk about the importance of dreams and hard work, the team challenged him about giving up his own goals. Morris made his last place team the following bet: if they won the district championship, he would tryout for a major league team. His team won. Not much later he found himself at a big league tryout, throwing a miraculous twelve consecutive pitches at a rate of ninety-eight miles per hour. After just three months in the minors Morris was a major league player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Now a role model to millions, Morris’ memoir, The Rookie, was made into a major motion picture in which Dennis Quaid portrayed him. A schoolteacher by trade, Jim is a loveable storyteller whose miracle story captivates and inspires audiences to never give up on a dream.

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