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Surgent's Efficient 401(k)/SBO-K and Profit-Sharing Plan Strategies for Your Small Business Clients

  • 06/07/2023
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • EPS2-2023-01-WEBNR-158-01


Small business owners are on their own when it comes to saving for retirement. Establishing retirement plans for their businesses would help ensure that their employees have an opportunity to build a retirement nest egg. While a small business owner has several options to choose from, key features and benefits must be considered to determine suitability. Additionally, the fact that certain plan types are easy to establish and maintain while other types are more complex and offer less flexibility, may drive the decision-making process. For advisors who help these small businesses save for retirement, the benefit is two-fold. The small business owner gets help planning for a financially secured retirement and advisors create an opportunity to grow their business. In this webinar, we focus on 401(k) plans, including Small Business Owner (SBO)-Ks and profit-sharing plans.

Major Topics:

  • Coverage of applicable provisions of SECURE Act 1.0 and SECURE Act 2.0
  • Funding a 401(k) plan after year-end
  • Benefits that help to offset plan expenses
  • How to add the Roth 401(k) feature to a 401(k) plan
  • Factors to consider when choosing between a 401(k) and a profit-sharing plan
  • Multiple plans: Limits when an individual participates in multiple plans
  • How to Determine who is eligible for an SBO-K/Solo-K Plan
  • When a profit-sharing plan is suitable for a small business
  • How to use the vesting feature to help prevent high turnover of employees
  • Employees that must be covered
  • Employees who are excludible
  • Persuasive arguments for convincing small businesses to set up a retirement plan
  • Perform checkups that help small business owners maintain compliance for their retirement plans
  • Identify key features and benefits of profit-sharing plans and 401(k)s for self-employed business owners
  • Determine which employees must be covered under qualified plans
  • Determine the steps that businesses should take to establish qualified plans
  • Help a small business choose the retirement plan that suits their profile
          Designed for: All practitioners advising clients on these complex issues

            Level: Basic

            Instructor: Denise Appleby, MJ, APA, CISP, CRPS, CRC

            CPE Credits: 2

            Area of Study: Taxes (2)

            Prerequisite: None

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