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Employee Relations Micro-Credential Program

  • 10/24/2022
  • 9:00 AM
  • 12/02/2022
  • 4:00 PM
  • Webinar-ACPEN


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Welcome to the ACPEN Employee Relations Micro-Credential. In order to successfully complete this program, there are 6 required sessions and a final exam to test competency. The sessions run from October 24, 2022 through December 2, 2022. The sessions are scheduled in order and there are 4 date/time options that you may choose from for each session. This group of courses will address the following concepts:

  • Maintaining a Harmonious Work Environment
  • Addressing Accomodations in the Workplace
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Balancing Employee and Employer Rights

These sessions will provide you with practical knowledge and critical information that will help your firm or company to thrive in an increasingly complex work environment. This comprehensive program is designed to help practitioners, business owners, managers and leaders create successful, positive work places and avoid litigation. The sessions included are as follows: Balancing Employee and Employer Rights, Maintaining a Harmonious Working Environment, Coaching & Counseling - Performance Management, Coaching & Counseling - Addressing Misconduct, Preparing for & Conducting Discharge Meetings, Accommodation Requests - Substance Abuse - Contagious Infections

In addition to the microcredential, the successful completion of this program will award 7 hours of CPE in the applicable NASBA field of study.

          Learning Objectives: 
          • Learn How to Minimize the Risks of Leadership
          • Understand How to Foster a Harmonious Working Environment
          • Understand How to avoid personal liability by properly responding to actual and potential sexual harassment situations.
          • Identify warning signs of potential violence, respond to threats, and the effective tactics to use in active violence situations to minimize injuries and loss of life.
          • Learn how to select an appropriate response to misconduct.
          • Learn how to prepare for and conduct discharge meetings.
          • Learn how to legally respond to requests for accommodations, religion & disability. 
          • Understand how to enforce your substance abuse policy while meeting all legal requirements.
          Key Topics:
            • Delegation of authority
            • Implementing changes in terms of employment
            • Disassociating yourself and your employer from discriminatory comments
            • Scripts for addressing potential and actual sexual harassment situations
            • Effective violence prevention measures
            • Insubordination
            • Corrective action meetings and documentation
            • Discharge meetings
            • Exit Interviews
            • Reference checks
            • Accommodation requests 
                                                                                                                  Designed for:  Anyone interested in earning a Employee Relations Microcredential

                                                                                                                  Level: Basic

                                                                                                                  Instructor: Michael J. Mirarchi

                                                                                                                  Developer: BPN

                                                                                                                  CPE Credits: 7

                                                                                                                  Area(s) of Study: Personnel/Human Resources - Non-technical = 7

                                                                                                                  Prerequisite: None

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