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Fraud: A Never-Ending Story

  • 12/13/2022
  • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Webinar-ACPEN


They say only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. However, maybe we need to add fraud to that list. Fraudsters always seem to be two-steps ahead of the latest fraud prevention techniques. Join in for this informative session on fraud and forensic accounting for the latest information on this saga.

          Learning Objectives: 

          • Understand significant aspects and provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), including the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF).
          • Gain knowledge of the connection between unprecedented government stimulus/economic recovery grants and opportunities for fraudsters.
          • Understand how to apply this knowledge to specific audit risk assessments and general audit planning for current engagements.

          Key Topics:
          • Fraud and the COVID-19 Crisis
          • Recent headlines
          • American Rescue Plan Act – SLFRF (aka ARPA)
          • 2021 Attest Engagements – The Perfect Storm

                                                                                                                Designed for: Accounting professionals who have an interest in or work with the specialized area of fraud detection and prevention.

                                                                                                                Level: Basic

                                                                                                                Instructor: Marlene Beach, Chris Peterson

                                                                                                                Developer: MICPA

                                                                                                                CPE Credits: 1

                                                                                                                Area(s) of Study: Auditing- Technical

                                                                                                                Prerequisite: None

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