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Surgent's Perplexing Financial and Economic Issues for the CFO/Controller

  • 08/29/2022
  • 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • FECC-2022-01-WEBNR-241-01


The emergence of regulatory policy as a major impact on an organization’s costs and competitiveness as well as the combined impact of fiscal and monetary policy on financing for organizations are causing CFO/Controllers to understand the impact of decisions well outside their control in order to survive and grow. The financial services bill (Dodd-Frank Bill), health care reform, shortfalls in Social Security, unfunded liabilities, and deficit spending will all be explored relative to their impact on the CFO/Controller and your organization. This course provides guidance to the financial executive in dealing with the financial and accounting issues of these volatile financial markets that the global economy is currently experiencing. Useful tools will be explored to deal with these macro-economic forces for the CFO/Controller.

Major Topics:

  • Regulatory, fiscal, and monetary policies impact on the organization
  • Dodd-Frank Bill and impact on financial reform
  • Health insurance reform and the impact on the employer
  • Managing risk in an uncertain economic climate
    • Analyze the impact on an organization of current economic trends to include employment, deficits, unfunded liabilities, municipal debt, and interest rates
    • Analyze the impact of the Dodd-Frank Bill on banking relationship and financial needs of the organization
    • Review the impact of the Health Reform legislation
    • Determine the safety and soundness of the financial plans for your organization in an uncertain economic climate
    • Manage cash in a rapidly changing economic landscape
    • Determine the impact on an organization of an aging U. S. population and succession planning
    • Evaluate the impact of federal, state, and municipal deficits and unfunded mandates as it relates to tax planning
    • Evaluate programs with Social Security funding as it relates to providing retirement plans for employees
    • Determine the safety and soundness of credit and collections processes and selection of customers in an uncertain environment
    • Identify factors influencing the debt and equity mix to manage growth and risk
    • Influence growth through acquisition of distressed organizations
    • Pinpoint the economic way ahead for 2017 and beyond
      Designed for: CFOs and Controllers

      Level: Intermediate

      Instructor: Frank Ryan, CPA

      CPE Credits: 8

      Area of Study: Accounting (8)

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