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Ethics in the Real World - Living Values for Today

  • 08/24/2022
  • 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM
  • Webinar-ACPEN



Business ethics is not something “nice to do” but can mean the difference between success, failure and survival in today’s competitive environment. Being trustworthy, having consistent business principles and an outstanding reputation may provide an organization’s only long-term competitive advantage. This updated webcast outlines eight steps to create an ethical business environment including specific ways for financial professionals to make better ethical decisions moving forward.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of business ethics
  • Explore the concept of “defining moments” – when there is more than one right ethical choice
  • How to identify root causes of unethical behavior
  • The eight steps to create an ethical organization

        Key Topics:

        • Four root causes of unethical business behavior
        • Eight steps to create an ethical business environment
                        1.  Establish a code of conduct and make it public
                        2.  Hire and promote people with a well-grounded sense of  personal ethics
                        3.  Interpret your code for ordinary circumstances
                        4.  Communicate expectations for employees to act in an ethical manner
                        5.  Lead by example
                        6.  Teach employees the basic tools of ethical decision making
                        7.  Back your code with enforcement
                        8.  Factor values into every important organizational activity and  decision
        • The financial manager’s responsibility to lead and implement good ethics in his/her organization
                                                                                                          Designed for: Corporate financial professionals

                                                                                                          Level: Basic

                                                                                                          Instructor: Richard Karwic

                                                                                                          Developer: The Knowledge Institute

                                                                                                          CPE Credits: 2

                                                                                                          Area(s) of Study: Behavioral Ethics - Non-technical

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