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The Civil Advantage: Workplace Ethics and Civility

  • 04/22/2021
  • 9:00 AM - 10:47 AM
  • Webinar-ACPEN




Studies show that ethical lapses are more likely to happen if an organization’s culture is uncivil. Workplace ethics and civility are powerfully connected because what we call "manners" are behaviors developed over millennia to avoid destructive acts and build trust. People treasure their personal dignity, have amazingly long memories for personal slights, and thrive when treated with respect. In the workplace, rudeness, blustering, and bullying may win the occasional battle, but usually lose the war when it comes to lasting prestige and power.


  • Understand the basis of civil behaviors

  • Recognize the meaning and proven value of civility
  • Review the enduring universal rules for civil behavior and advantage
  • Reflect of the cost of incivility
Topics Discussed:
  • Explain how civility and ethics reinforce one another and offers 25 rules to foster considerate conduct in and out of the workplace.
  • Talks about the rules that provide us proven tools for avoiding destructive acts and for building trust within or between all human groups, including business organizations. 
  • Explain the role of politeness, courtesy, and civility within the workplace and how those behaviors both generate and reinforce ethical business conduct.
Designed for: All Business Professionals

Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Diane D. White

Developer: Executive Education, Inc.

CPE Credits: 2

Area(s) of Study: Behavioral Ethics - Non-technical

Prerequisite:  Some previous ethics education helpful

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