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Surgent's Working Remotely: Best Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities for Accountants (WKR2)

  • 08/11/2020
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • WKR2-2020-01-WEBNR-224-01



Working from home presents both benefits and challenges for accountants. For employees, working from home provides opportunities to be more productive and gain time that would otherwise be spent commuting to and from the office. Employers who utilize remote work enjoy fewer fixed costs, more efficiency, and greater employee satisfaction.

Without proper planning, accountants who work remotely may experience increased anxiety and disorganization. They may also jeopardize data privacy. However, when executed properly, working remotely can help organizations become more efficient and profitable, while at the same time improving employee morale. This webinar looks at how accounting firms have successfully implemented work from home programs and discusses mistakes that can be avoided through proper planning.


  • Formulate a plan to implement a successful work from home program

  • Be familiar with research and related studies identifying challenges and benefits of working remotely

  • Understand how other accounting organizations successfully utilize remote work

    Topics Discussed:

    • Technology and workstation arrangements

    • Other ethical considerations that arise when working from home

    • Data privacy concerns

    • The importance of distinguishing between the home office and  home

    • Time management

    • The productivity challenges unique to working from home

    • Effective communication strategies for staying connected with colleagues and clients

    • Understanding the relationship between remote work and employee retention

    • Establishing procedures that can be implemented throughout the organization

    • Maximizing productivity

      Designed for: Anyone in the accounting or financial services profession who seeks to understand ways to implement or improve work from home programs

      Level: Basic

      Instructor: Jason Cornell

      CPE Credits: 2

      Area of Study: Personnel/Human Resources (Non-Technical) (2)

      Prerequisite: A general familiarity with the accounting profession

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