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Blockchain for Healthcare

  • 12/22/2020
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Blockchain is transforming how transactions occur, how they are recorded, and how those records are maintained. This dynamic course looks at three healthcare use cases to demonstrate how blockchain can be implemented to reduce errors, increase auditability, and drive collaboration. The focus areas include patient data management, drug traceability, and data sharing amongst insurers, healthcare service providers, pharmaceutical entities, patients and regulatory bodies. In these cases, we will examine how to implement blockchain, determine success and failure factors, and various other implementation considerations.  

Learning Objectives: 

    • Recognize the potential Impact blockchain will have on the healthcare sector  
    • Examine the opportunities for blockchain in the healthcare sector
    • Analyze the challenges, risks and benefits in a blockchain adoption
    • Examine the financial, organizational and compliance/regulatory consequences of a blockchain adoption

    Topics Discussed: 

    • Brief overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology
    • Use cases that show blockchain's potential in the healthcare industry
    • Brief overview of the current and future privacy concerns
    • The future of healthcare industry leveraging blockchain technology
    Designed For: 

    Accounting, finance professionals that are looking for more information on how blockchain will impact the healthcare industry. Practitioners that serve or advise healthcare clients and would like to understand the impact of blockchain. Managers/decision makers

    Level: Intermediate

    Instructor: Jim Barnes

    Developer: AICPA

    CPE Credits: 4

    Area of Study: Information Technology 4

    Prerequisite:  Basic Blockhain Knowledge

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