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IRS Tax Penalties and Strategies for Abatement

  • 10/21/2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM



Save your clients money on IRS penalties!  There are many types of penalties the IRS can impose on taxpayers: failure-to-file, failure-to-pay, failure-to-deposit, estimated tax and accuracy-related are some of the most common ones. But the full list includes many more. Join us as we sift through IRS penalty types and explore ways for you to provide excellent representation for your clients with IRS penalty issues. We’ll guide you through what to expect during the IRS penalty process and reveal specific how-to methods using relevant court cases and Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) guidelines.     Industry experts Larry Wolfe, CPA, and Stan Green, CPA, will share their tips and best practices to help you learn how to request and receive abatement for your clients – often saving them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on penalties.   

Key Topics 

  • Types IRS penalties 
  • Ways to obtain abatement
  • IRS penalty appeal process 
  • Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) guidelines
  • Identify the different types of IRS penalties and recall when and how they are assessed 
  • Execute ways to obtain penalty abatement (reasonable cause, first-time penalty abatement and more) 
  • Recognize the IRS penalty appeal process 
  • Recall relevant IRM citations and guidance

Designed For: Tax practitioners
Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Stan Green CPA
Developer: AICPA
CPE Credits: 2
Area of Study: Taxes  2
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of tax compliance and IRS representation work

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