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Surgent's Marketing Mastery: Achieve Results Without Breaking the Bank (MMBC)

  • 04/22/2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • MMBC-2019-01-WEBNR-112-01



This program will teach you how to market your firm, your products and services, and yourself/your people like a master, by embracing 21st century PULL strategies and best practices. The age of broadcast-era PUSH marketing communications (TV, radio, telemarketing) no longer work. Learn to communicate with your clients, prospects, employees, vendors (all the stakeholders in the markets you compete in) to make emotional connections, gain trust, move customers up the lifetime value chain, and convert mercenary customers to loyalists then raving fans.


  • Align your business and sales goals (functions) with marketing
  • Forge powerful connections by communicating with emotion
  • Develop solutions to the problems people face (exceed wildest expectations)
  • Make all employees brand ambassadors
  • Implement a world-class culture/why ethical organizations always outperform their competitors
  • Gain and maintain lasting competitive advantage

Topics Discussed:

  • What Marketing is and isn’t (you will be surprised)
  • Push vs. Pull marketing
  • Online is where it’s at
  • Content is king
  • Explain why you/your firm/your people do what they do

Designed for: Firms seeking to maximize their marketing efforts to achieve and maintain lasting competitive advantage

Level: Basic

Instructor: Ethan Chazin

CPE Credits: 2

Area of Study: Communications and Marketing (Non-Technical) (2)

Prerequisite: None

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