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County Finance Director - Cass County

05/25/2021 10:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Position: County Finance Director
Department: Finance
Supervisor: County Administrator
FLSA Status: Exempt
Grade Position: E83
Revision Date: July 2018

Job Summary

The County Finance Director is the Chief Financial Officer for the county, the property tax administrator, the official secretary of the Board of County Commissioners, and the election administrator. This position also provides primary management for banking operations and cash management and ensures all county banking assets are properly secured and invested. In addition, this position is actively involved in legislative and committee activities and special projects within county government and with other governmental agencies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Chief Financial Officer (20%)

§  Maintain accounting system and records to safeguard county assets and allow for preparation of financial statements on a monthly and annual basis in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

§  Administer annual budget process and prepare the preliminary budget to enable the county commission to allocate financial resources to best serve the needs of the citizens of the county and to meet all statutory requirement for budget approval and citizen participation; recommend tax levies.

§  Manage accounts payable system for the county including processing all payments, maintaining fixed asset records, and maintaining liability and property insurance claims and records.

§  Manage county's debt program to ensure all debt covenants are in full compliance on a monthly and annual basis, and levy taxes as required.

§  Maintain internal accounting controls to make sure assets are properly safeguarded; provide duty assignments within the office to prevent misappropriation of funds.

§  Maintain an accurate record of the county's fixed assets.

Property Tax Administrator (20%)

The county and other local jurisdictions rely heavily upon the property tax structure for a major portion of their revenues.

§  Responsible to keep the property tax database up-to-date so taxes are accurately computed, billed, collected, and disbursed to ensure compliance with all local and state laws.

§  Maintain the special assessment system to track special assessments for the county, water resource districts, rural water systems, and cities.

§  Work with the county commission to establish a mill levy that complies with state law and the Cass County Home Rule Charter.

§  Assist other local units of government to meet their responsibilities for filing budgets on a timely basis; review budgets from various taxing districts in the county and compute final mill levies for each taxing entity.

§  Enforce collection of taxes through a foreclosure and sale process in compliance with all laws regarding notice to property owners.

§  Mail real estate and mobile home tax statements.

Election Administrator (10%)

§  Responsible for conducting federal, state, county, city, and school district elections in Cass County, which requires considerable interaction with local officials, candidates, news media, legislative bodies, and the public.

§  Responsible for establishing precincts and polling locations, receiving candidate filing papers, preparing election ballots, and testing election equipment.

§  Responsible for public outreach to candidates and the general public to share deadlines and requirements for running for office and voting.

§  Responsible for purchasing and maintaining election equipment to ensure it is secure, meets the needs of the voting public, and provides accurate and timely reporting of election results.

§  Responsible to recruit, train, and supervise election workers to ensure they are able to perform their duties on Election Day; this includes monitoring activities on Election Day as well as anticipating and responding appropriately to issues that arise during the election.

Banking Operations Management (10%)

§  Responsible for primary management for county banking operations, including opening and closing accounts, recommending  banks for activity, processing Non-Sufficient Funds and dishonored checks, remitting uncashed warrant and treasurer's checks to unclaimed property, and reconciling bank statements on a monthly basis.

§  Ensure all banking assets are properly secured by insurance or pledges of securities as required by state law and complete all related mandated reporting requirements for state and local jurisdictions.

§  Responsible for investing county funds and maximizing income while preserving capital.

§  Create county investment policy.

Cash Management (10%)

§  Responsible for county cash management with emphasis on controlling banking costs.

§  Maximize income on county deposits.

§  Manage internal control around banking operations via segregation of duties and layers of approval for cash transactions and movement of funds.

§  Study efficiency of receipt recording and depositing and implement solutions.

Marriage License Management (5%)

§  Responsible for issuing marriage licenses in Cass County.

§  Develop policy on weddings inside the Courthouse with an emphasis on customer service and balancing workload.

§  Develop policy for off-site weddings, taking into account staffing, safety, Workman's Comp insurance, fee structure, and employee compensation.

Legislative and Committee Activity (10%)

As the County Auditor in the largest county in North Dakota, this position is a leader in legislative activity.

§  Responsible for studying and recommending legislation and monitoring the legislative process.

§  Responsible to review, prepare and/or present testimony at both interim and regular committee meetings of the legislature.

§  Assist commissioners in lobbying activities on matters that affect the county and citizens of Cass County.

§  Take part in county legislative meetings during legislative sessions.

§  Remain active in and provide service to both the North Dakota Association of Counties and its member associations, and the National Association of Counties to learn from peers and learn new ideas to assist the county in meeting the needs of its citizens.

§  Present training sessions for other ND cities and counties on a variety of topics including budgeting, property taxes, and the foreclosure process.

Administration (5%)

§  Official Secretary to the Board of County Commissioners.

§  Responsible to prepare the board meeting minutes and attest to the board chairman's signature on minutes and legal documents.

Special Projects (5%)

§  Frequently required to work on special projects both within county government and with other governmental agencies such as cities, school districts, and the North Dakota Legislature (an example is the FM Diversion Project, where work is performed in conjunction with other member entities of the Diversion Authority, in addition to state and federal officials).

Supervise Employees (5%)

§  Hire, supervise, train, discipline, and manage employees.

§  Provide direction and growth for employees.

§  Create department organizational chart.

§  Complete annual performance evaluations for all staff members.

Minimum Qualifications

§  Knowledge of accounting, budgeting, forecasting, auditing, and financial principles and practices.

§  Knowledge of governmental accounting standards and state statutes pertaining to county organizations.

§  Knowledge of agency fiscal policies.

§  Knowledge of computerized accounting systems.

§  Ability to direct the planning and installation of accounting, budgeting, and auditing systems and procedures.

§  Ability to prepare and analyze financial statements and reports.

§  Ability to manage financial data in relation to taxation, payroll, receipt of revenues, and payment of expenditures.

§  Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

§  Ability to prioritize and organize work.

§  Ability to develop and implement short and long-range objectives.

§  Ability to manage and coordinate projects.

§  Ability to make well-considered decisions and take appropriate action.

§  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, other agencies, and the public.

§  Ability to plan and direct the work of others.

§  Ability to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Work is primarily performed in a standard office environment with repetitive motion, sitting, and standing.

Work generally consists of a standard office environment with frequent travel to off-site locations for attendance at meetings across the city, county, state, and country. This position involves sometimes dealing with individuals who are emotionally charged over an issue.

Tools, Equipment, Vehicles, and Machines

Car, telephone, computer, copier, printer, calculator

Laws, Ordinances, or Regulations

ND Century Code/state statutes and regulations; Cass County Home Rule Charter

Practices or Departmental Policies

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; Cass County policies.

Personal Contacts

Elected public officials (city, county, state, federal), Cass County department heads, elected and appointed officials from other local units of government, professional contacts, local media, county staff members, and the general public.

The purpose of these contacts is to carry out the general business operations of the county and the general duties required for the position while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Licenses or Certificates

§  Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or similar field of study.

§  Successful completion of exam for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and/or Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO) Program preferred.

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