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CPA Society Awards

Making a Difference award

This award is to recognize contributions made by a society member, in such areas as community service, education, or the CPA association. The award may recognize contributions in one or more of these three areas. More than one award may be presented in a given year. A recipients must be a CPA and a Society member. Nomination due by July 31.  Application

Award Recipients:
2009  James G. Stewart
2011  Harris Widmer
2012  James Schmidt
2013  Rick Lee
2014  Gordy Smith
2017  Elise Siverson
2018  John Mongeon
2019 Michael Schmitz
2021 Clarence Sitter
2021 Michael Bakk
2022 Dianna Kindseth

Prior to 2009, three separate awards were available. Recipients are listed below.

Outstanding Educator
Joan Houston
Rod Medalen
Dick King
DuWayne Wacker
Mary Loyland
Carol Dobitz
Mary Bader
James Hansen
Jay Wahlund
Terry Knoepfle
Boyd Binde
Harold H. Wilde
Art Hiltner
George & Marlane Sanderson 

Public Service
Charles E. Bailly
Stan Hoistad
Ludwik Kulas
Shirley R. Martz
Loyd Orser
Harris Widmer
Robert Spolum
Lyle Johnson
Frank Kadlec
Wayne Bradley
Stan Sandvik
Mary Jo Richard 

Outstanding Volunteer
Faye Miller
Stan Sandvik
Tom Ribb
Nikki Schmaltz
             Dennis Fuhrman
Rod Melby
Terry Delaney

Life Membership

This award recognizes long-standing Society participation. The recipient must be a CPA and retired (not employed full time, and 60 or older). Generally the award will be presented to a CPA who has been actively involved over a number of years. To nominate or apply for life membership, simply prepare a brief recommendation letter and email it to the Society office, Nominations due May 15.

Past Recipients

Oliver Eide, 1978
Gerald Conoboy, 1978
Harold Ikelman, 1978
RD Koppenhaver, 1979
Carl Person, 1979
Michael Zine, 1983
Oscar Hay, 1983
Rudoph Ludvigson, 1983
Erv Weber, 1985
Stan Hoistad, 1987
Baldwin Martz, 1988
Shirley Martz, 1988
Russell W. Anderson, 1988
Loyd Orser, 1989
Jim Blomquist, 1990
Dan Kratochvil, 1992
Paul Storsteen, 1992
Ben Hahn, 1993
Fred Mannes, 1993
Dale Boelz, 1995

Ludwick Kulas, 1995
Gordon Bartholomay, 1996
Robert J. Hoover, 1996
C. J. Whalen, 1999
Duane Loven, 2000
Chet Nelson, 2000
Rod Medalen, 2001
Rod Wilson, 2004
Lynn Wyum, 2004
Gary D. Hovdestad, 2005
Darold D. Rath, 2005
Don Bostrom, 2006
Terry McKenna, 2006
Jerry Olson, 2007
Robert Brostrom, 2009
Dominic St. Peter, 2009
Frank Kadlec, 2010
Gary L. Anderson, 2010

Paul Drees, 2011
Jim Stewart, 2011
Dave Riskey, 2012
Rod Melby, 2012
Warren Kitzan, 2012
Dennis Fuhrman, 2013
Tom Ribb, 2013
Jim M. Thompson, 2014
Jerry Strom, 2014
Nicholas Voller, 2015
Lloyd Case, 2015
John Wall, 2015
Joan Houston, 2016
Gordy Smith, 2016
Nikki Schmaltz, 2017
Michael Bakk, 2018
Marvy Grueneich, 2019
Harold Wilde, 2019
Bill Weispfenning, 2020
Mary Jo Richard, 2021
Mike Bullinger, 2021
Terri Clark, 2022

Membership Milestones

The Society recognizes members at various membership milestones. Certificates are awarded for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years of continuous membership.

Board of Directors Scholarship

The recipient is to be a Society member or affiliate, who intends to write the CPA Exam and become a CPA. Applicants are to provide a narrative about why they are pursuing the CPA credential (less than 150 words). Applicants should apply online, and they are to have completed Intermediate Accounting by application time.  Click here to apply.

In the past, an award was presented under the name of Roy Janz, one of the State’s first CPAs, with certificate number 18, granted in 1925. Mr. Janz served as President of the CPA Society from 1948 to 1949. In recent years, the award has become the Board of Directors Scholarship, and been expanded to 5 yearly awards. The CPA Society has about 1800 members, and provides various services to the CPA profession.

Award Recipients:
2009  Calvin Rehbein
2010  Audrey Helm
2011  Kristen Foss
2012  Eric Haas
2013  Dylan McDaniel
2014  Kaylee Kempel, Dawn Seaver, Taylor Erickson, Laura Grabanski, Kinsey Holm
2015  Lorraine Davis, Frida Ballesteros, Breann Harm, Danielle Schroeder, Christopher Johnson
2016  Kathleen Martinson, Kenady Martinson, Sierre Serhienko, Michael Korf, Isaac Schwehr
2017  Andrew Johnson, Shayna Mertz, Katelyn Presser, Marissa Woroniecki, Dayna Rothenbacher
2018  Kallisha Keller, Jacob Pladson, Linh Le, Mary Hintz, Ashley Honl
2019 Wesley Kemp, Jada Halbakken, Samuel Cota, Blake Torbeck, Karlee Zablotney
2020 Abigail Aberle, Olivia Byerley, Nicholas Effertz, Paige Rudnik, Treven Hopfauf
2021 Kayla Boustead, Coven Kautzman, Wesley Kemp, Ethan Kleinsasser, Emily Smith, Leilei Bao, Trevor Goetzfridt, Duong Pham, Tyler Purdy, Wanlada Saeton

CPA Exam Performance

These awards recognize strong results on the CPA Exam. The awards are to be presented to the 3 candidates with the highest composite Exam scores, provided they pass all four parts on their first attempt, within the 18 month conditioning period. To be eligible, an individual must be a North Dakota exam candidate, a graduate of a ND or border city college, and have completed the Exam during the last year prior to Convention (ending with the most recent April/May window). Staff selects the recipients based on the award criteria.

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