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CFO Forums | November 8-9 & November 18-19

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Session Descriptions

Day 1 - November 8 | 8:30am-12:30pm

Developing Credibility: Earn Respect for Yourself and Your Team

2 Business Management & Organization credits

Credibility is the key to management success.  When people believe in you and your message, they are more prone to act on your advice.  Learn some practical tips on how to move from being a CF-No to a CF-Oh!  Uncover the attributes of the “What and How” of financial management success.

It's All About Action! Deeds, Not Words, Really Count

2 Business Management & Organization credits

Talk is cheap!  Action moves people better than unfulfilled ideas.  Actionable concepts serve as a catalyst for change.  This session will assist you in developing actionable messages and achieve buy-in as you implement new processes.  Discuss the power of the planning and the impact of the quantitative, strategic, and tactical trifecta.

Heed the advice of legendary University of Alabama football coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant, and "Cause something to happen."

Day 3 - November 18 | 8:30am-12:30pm

Corporate Performance Management

2 Accounting credits

Poor strategy execution frustrates many executives as their organizations struggle with performance improvement, making decisions using intuition in the absence of hard data. Corporate performance management (CPM) seamlessly integrates many techniques including strategy maps and a balanced scorecard. Together they align manager and employee behavior, actions, and priorities using key performance indicators (KPIs) with specific targets to enable accountability.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

2 Accounting credits

Volatility and complexity are the new normal. Most organizations are drowning in data but starving for information. The finance and accounting function can leverage Big Data and the continuum of analytics – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. All are useful for better decision making. Collecting, validating, and reporting data is not the same thing as analyzing information where we can glean valuable, actionable insights. In some ways the finance function is many years behind other disciplines such as marketing, sales, and supply chain managers, in applying analytics. How can the CFO’s function catch up?

Understand how Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) can help you make sense of your organization's data.

Day 2 - November 9 | 8:30am-12:30pm

Effective Internal Reporting: Make Your Message Quick and Clear

2 Accounting credits

Do your presentations lack life?  Do your audiences sometimes fail to get the message?  Learn how to grab your audiences’ attention and deliver an actionable message.  Discover the power of “The Trifecta” and the 3P’s of effective reports and presentations.  Learn how to make your messaging a “re-memorable event”.

Financial Management: 10 Tips for Success and 13 Signs of Failure

2 Business Management & Organization credits

Today’s effective financial leader must establish on-going credibility and adaptability to be effective.  Finance professionals operate in a landscape of constant flux, yet financial management’s fundamental success skills do not vary.  Hear a veteran financial executive discuss why some financial managers succeed while others fail.

Day 4 - November 19 | 8:30am- 12:30pm

Driver-Based Budgeting

2 Accounting credits

The annual budgeting process is often criticized as a fiscal exercise done by the accountants that is obsolete soon after it is published, prone to gamesmanship, cumbersome, not being volume sensitive, and disconnected from the strategy and needed risk mitigation spending. You can resolve these deficiencies using capacity-sensitive driver-based expense projections. Driver-based budgeting allows for quick scenario planning and far easier analysis of a growing organization whose future may look nothing like today. The budget can be periodically refreshed to create rolling financial forecasts extending beyond the fiscal year end.

 Learn how managerial accounting can become managerial economics.

Effective Management Accounting

2 Accounting credits

Critics have claimed that traditional managerial accounting is at best useless and at worst dysfunctional and misleading.  Most line managers do not trust their management accounting data. 

21st Century management accounting develops cost/unit metrics that are useful for budgeting, cost analysis and control.  Current methods bring truly accurate fact-based costing visibility, tracing costs and identifying cause-and-effect relationships rather than broadly allocating overhead.  This information provides the ability to reveal the true profit margins for products as well as for specific sales channels and customers. 

Removing the barriers caused by your current management accounting techniques can provide huge rewards.

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